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Poster: The_Master_Cylinder Date: May 6, 2012 3:05pm
Forum: classic_tv Subject: Re: How much 'local TV' is there on the Internet Archive

You missed a couple -- some of them may even have been posted by you

- Art Ford's Jazz Party broadcast by WNTA

- Broadcast House from WTOP in Washington, D.C.

- And who could forget KTTV's Time for Beany?

Then there's those rarely-seen, forgotten files that made it to the Archive. I have a feeling that you contributed them.

- The Buick Berle Show on WNBC (broadcast from NY, but mostly national)

- Coke Time with Eddie Fisher from CBS

- Kovacs On The Corner courtesy NBC

- The Fred Waring Show (a CBS entry)

- The Trouble With Father on ABC (another national network)

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Poster: HappySwordsman Date: May 6, 2012 4:56pm
Forum: classic_tv Subject: Re: How much 'local TV' is there on the Internet Archive

I didn't know that episode someone uploaded of "Art Ford's Jazz Party", but I now remember the fiasco regarding which network/station it aired on. Didn't know about "Broadcast House" or that it was on here. Thank you for the info....

When "Time for Beany" moved to KTTV, was it still shown on the stupid and inane Paramount Television Network, or did it become local-only? I must admit I know little about the series. But I do know that the Paramount Television Network makes DuMont look like a huge success by comparison.

As for those 5 items, four are mine, one is not (Kovacs on the Corner......and Edie was hot).

.....and on a different subject matter:

I think the most obscure show posted on here is "Walt's Workshop", posted by Dwight Frye:

It's not even listed on IMDb. Was it a local series? I might watch it just out of curiousity....

Another obscurity is "On Your Way", one of the few surviving 1954 DuMont kinescopes:

As for getting more local TV on here....there's always that partial mid-1950s episode of "Bingo at Home" that


More shocking is that it was later revived in Canada in the late-1960s (based on my 30 seconds of research....well actually I wanted to check if the mid-1950s series was on YouTube so I can post a link in this thread, and saw the listing for a video of such late-1960s series)

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